Green Synergy established innovative shared infrastructure


In the period 28.07 – 02.08.202 some innovative infrastructure was installed and put into operation under a grant agreement BG16RFOP002-1.016-0012-C01 / 01.07.2020, project: “Support for sustainable development of the Green Synergy Cluster through the construction of an innovative cluster infrastructure” .

Two modern analytical devices were installed – a gas chromatograph with a triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer from the manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific and a laboratory furnace for determining the melting point of Carbolite Gero ash.

The Trace 1300 multi-channel gas chromatograph with TSQ 9000 triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer and programmable temperature (PTV) injector is equipped with direct sampling probes, an automatic sampling device and a solvent vacuum evaporator. This is a high-end analytical and research equipment that will be used to determine polychlorinated bifinyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polybrominated dibenzo dioxins and furans, pesticides, and other pollutants in environmental matrices and wastes.

The laboratory furnace for determining the melting point of ash CAF G5 is the most modern equipment for monitoring the behavior of ash during melting and will be used in the analysis of different types of fuels and wastes to evaluate their properties in order to obtain alternative fuels, as the melting of the ash is of particular importance in the processes of thermal conversion.

The innovative  infrastructure will serve and help to establish the following common cluster activities:

  • Development of innovations and new technologies for utilization of renewable and alternative raw materials, waste, intermediate and by-products, renewable and alternative fuels and energies.
  • Testing under accreditation and participation in the activities for certification of the production of renewable and alternative fuels, quality assurance.
  • Carrying out applied research and development for new technologies, products, fuels and energies, training of students and doctoral students.

With the implementation of the activity, the GSC will provide services for testing and research of waste and biowaste and their utilization in clean energy and at the same time creation of new products. The implementation of the innovative infrastructure will help to support existing enterprises in order to implement and develop innovative ideas and technologies, develop new products, improve energy processes and learn modern practices.

The activity contributes to the development of the cluster and its members, the development of its own know-how and contributes to its establishment as an innovative cluster with its own research infrastructure, which is shared by the members. The implementation of the activity will create opportunities for expanding the market of cluster services in target third countries.

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