Green Synergy joins the Bioeconomy Ventures Programme


Green Synergy Cluster becomes part of the BioeconomyVentures Ambassadors Programme with the mission to execute an interactive one-stop-shop- platform that will serve as a main meeting point for the bioeconomy entrepreneurship locally.  Durint the course of the action Green Synergy will bring relevant groups of stakeholders (start-ups, spin-offs, investors and corporates) with the atim to unlock their innovation potential, as well as to build relationships and partnerships between them.

The BioeconomyVentures project aims to build the reference platform for bioeconomy-based start-ups and spin-offs seeking to gain access to finance, becoming the main meeting point in the European bioeconomy. Our solution, aligned with the European Bioeconomy Strategy (2018) and the vision and strategy of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), is based on a threefold approach:

The 20 Ambassadors selected are:

  1. FOODVALLEY, (NL). Driver of the sustainable food system.
  2. BUSINESS CLUSTER UPPER AUSTRIA, (AU). Innovation driver to steer economic and research policy.
  3. KM ZERO, (ES). Accelerator for start up and companies of food sectors.
  4. ESADE CREAPOLIS, (ES). Accelerator for talents who can create new ideas with social and business impact.
  5. GENOPOLE, (FR). Research hub for genomics and life sciences.
  6. FRENCH BIOECONOMY CLUSTER (IAR), (FR). The French bioeconomy cluster. IAR gathers actors involved in the production and optimal use of biological resources for food, industrial and energy purpose. On the 25/01/2022 IAR changed its name to “Bioeconomy for Change” (B4C).
  7. TECOS, (SL). Technological centre in the fields of development and production of plastic, metal and hybrid components towards sustainability.
  8. PAPER PROVINCE, (SE). The Cluster with more than 120 member companies within the forest bio-economy.
  9. BIOVALE, (UK). Cluster of more than 600 members that support the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for bio-based products, processes and services.
  10. CLIB, (DE). Open-innovation cluster of large companies, SMEs, start- ups, academic institutes, and universities that promote industrial biotechnology in sustainable processes.
  11. ITC CLUSTER/DIH AGRIFOOD, (SL). Digital Innovation Hub for Agriculture and Food Production.
  12. NATUREEF, (PL). Association that brings together Polish leaders in the packaging, chemical and food production sectors that introduce new technologies, implement joint research and development projects and care for the natural environment.
  13. CIRCULAR BIOECONOMY CLUSTER SOUTH WEST (MUNSTER TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY), (IE). Cluster with a focus on marine, agriculture and waste-to-value thematic areas to promote the circular bioeconomy.
  14. VALBIOM, (BE). Cluster to facilitate the implementation of sustainable initiatives integrating the production of biomass and its transformation into energy and materials.
  15. SPRING, (IT). Cluster of Circular Bioeconomy.
  16. ILVO, (BE). Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  17. BioBASE, (AT). Cluster that acts as think tank, committed to the implementation of the sustainable economic and social model at the Austrian and European level. By networking people and organizations, forces come together for the economic model of the eco-social market economy.
  18. Green Synergy Cluster, (BG). The cluster that helps European companies, especially SMEs, save resources (water, energy, waste) and engage in circular economy and industrial symbiosis.
  19. UPTEC, (PT). The accelerator that supports the development of more business projects in areas as diverse as nanoscience, nanotechnologies, new materials and production, energy, health, food, biotechnology, information technology and communication, digital media, architecture, interactive marketing, content production.
  20. POLE INNOV’ALLIANCE, (FR). The cluster that represents a unique ecosystem to connect innovative companies (from agricultural production to plant transformation), suppliers of technological solutions / services (inputs, digital players, robotics, conservation processes, extraction, packaging) and research centres of excellence.

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