Second information meeting on the REVERTER project


Second information meeting on the REVERTER project was held on June 25 in Brezovo

The event was organized by municipality of Brezovo and Green Synergy Cluster, partners in the REVERTER project, which aims to reduce energy poverty in the region by creating renovation roadmaps for increasing energy efficiency in residential buildings and to develop One Stop Shop for renovation in municipality of Brezovo.

The topic of the information meeting was Thermal insulation in residential buildings, and the goal was to familiarize all citizens with the benefits of renovation of their homes, to present different the types and solutions for thermal insulation materials and common mistakes in laying thermal insulation in residential buildings. Experts in thermal insulation were invited as speakers – eng. Ognyan Tsonkov, representative of Baumit Bulgaria EOOD, as well as eng. Yordan Nikolov, executive director of the Bulgarian Association for Construction Insulation.

The event provided an informal space where citizens had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues with energy efficiency experts and receive timely personalised advice on upgrading their homes.

The event started with the presentation of the One Stop Shop for Renovation – Brezovo, created within the REVRETER project.

Eng. Daniela Kostova from the Green Synergy Cluster, presented the concept of “One-stop shop for renovation”, which aims to facilitate the process of renovation of buildings in the Municipality of Brezovo by providing citizens with comprehensive service and support at every stage of the renovation. The concept includes both a physical office in the premises of Brezovo municipality and an online platform:, which gathers in one place all the necessary tools and information related to the process of renovation of residential buildings.


The activities that will be carried out in the One-stop-shop for renovation in the Municipality of Brezovo will cover:

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of energy renovation.
  • Awareness and training of citizens about energy efficiency and energy behaviour
  • Providing information about opportunities for deep renovation
  • Providing information on available financial support schemes
  • Carrying out a preliminary analysis for admissibility when applying for programs for financing energy efficiency measures.
  • Expert advice on building renovation issues and directing citizens to appropriate experts, engineers and organizations.

The meeting continued with a presentation of the benefits of thermal insulation in residential buildings and various types of thermal insulation materials, presented by eng. Ognyan Tsonkov from Baumit Bulgaria Ltd.


During his presentation, Engineer Tsonkov explained which are the seven main factors affecting the healthy conditions in home and how thermal insulation favors a pleasant climate and comfort in the home. Eng. Tsonkov provided useful information and explained how thermal insulation affects the movement of air in the room and how the cold external walls combined with the hot bodies of the heating devices lead to strong convection, which disturbs the comfort of the residents. Finally, eng. Tsonkov explained to the citizens which are the benefits of thermal insulation of homes, namely: optimal temperature in the premises; weak convection; optimal air humidity that prevents mold, energy saving, construction cost savings, good design and functionality and environmental protection.

The last presentation was led by Eng. Yordan Nikolov, executive director of the Bulgarian Association for Construction Insulation.

He presented the different types of thermal insulation materials and their parameters, and also paid attention to the common problems and mistakes in the implementation of thermal insulation works and emphasized the importance of the correct implementation of thermal and waterproof insulation during renovation of buildings. Eng. Nikolov presented practical examples of improperly implemented thermal insulation systems and gave recommendations for avoiding these mistakes, while explaining how properly laid thermal insulation can prevent future problems such as moisture, mold and compromising the building’s facade.

The event continued with a discussion in an informal setting, where citizens could ask specific questions and receive expert advice from the speakers.

As part of the REVERTER project, a series of similar events will be organized on different topics, and the next event will be on the topic of RES in households and will be held in July, again in the town of Brezovo.


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The project is financed by the LIFE program of the European Union under GA No. 101076277.

The project consortium: The project started in November 2022, implemented by a consortium consisting of 12 partners – National Technical University of Athens – Laboratory of Mining and Environmental Technologies (Greece), which is also the coordinator of the project, Institute of Systems and Robotics (Portugal ), Ekodoma Ltd. (Latvia), Green Synergy Cluster (Bulgaria), Fundació Europace (Spain), Foundation Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Savings (Greece), B-Link (Spain), Municipality of Brezovo (Bulgaria), EKPIZO – Consumer Association “Quality of Life ” (Greece), Municipality of Coimbra (Portugal), “Riga Energy Agency” (Latvia) and WIT Berry (Latvia).

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