The second Explore and Expand Workshop took place


On 09.03.2023, Green Synergy Cluster organized the second part of the Explore & Expand seminar, as part of the “BioeconomyVentures” ambassador program.

Eng. Petar Kisyov opened the workshop with a presentation of the “Bioeconomy Ventures” project. It strives to encourage the development of innovations in enterprises, their subsequent implementation, and the improvement of production capacity according to their thematic areas. The speakers gave their presentations on various topics as:

Financing opportunities – Petar Kisyov and Aleksandra Vladimirova

The seminar opened with two presentations regarding funding opportunities for projects related to the bioeconomy, cross-sectoral innovations, and the water sector. The participants in the seminar had the chance to learn about various lines of funding in relation to European-funded financing schemes and vouchers.

Мodular biogas plant – Stoyan Dimitrov

Eng. Dimitrov presented a new modular biogas installation, producing green biogas, used then for the production of electricity for personal and commercial use. The process utilizes cow manure and waste from the farm where the installation is located, both handling the residual waste issues and creating an added value for the farmer.

Nano-particles technology for hydrogen storage with zero-carbon emissions – Krasimir Vlachkov, Soleri EOOD

Soleri EOOD are developing an innovative technology that utilizes nano-particles for storage and transportation of hydrogen. They aim to bring competitive, low- or zero-carbon hydrogen storage technology to the market. The technology aims to develop a new storage tank with high pressure absorption at room temperature and desorption at moderate temperature and atmospheric pressure, achieving zero loss of stored H2.

Innovative technology for energy-valorisation of waste water and deriving fertilizer for damaged soils – Krasimir Jekov, ECO PULDIN AD

By processing sludge from waste water, ECO PULDIN AD has developed a bio fertilizer that can be used for restoration of soil degraded as a result of destructive human activity, erosion processes and natural disasters. This technology has two main advantages – the process effectively neutralizes and utilizes sewage sludge as well as holds the potential to globally reduce the use of chemical products in the agricultural sector.

Bio-production of saffron and saffron derivates – Violeta Georgievа, The Artisan Garden

The Artisan Garden’s goal is to provided pure, Bulgarian saffron and organic saffron products of good quality. To do so they are developing a value chain, targeting all levels of the product’s life, starting from the growth of the saffron flowers to the processing and the distribution.

Freelancing platform “Easier international” – Vladimir Basharanov

“Easier International” is a growing platform for freelancing services with the goal of digitalization and internationalization in various sectors, trough the facilitation of connecting small freelancing providers with the demand for services. One of the focus sections of the platform includes bioeconomy related services in the Agri-food sector, Bio-based products and the eco-design of products.

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